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Site 4, Box 11, RR#2
Head Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia
Canada, B0J 1N0
Phone: 1-902-497-3243



I remember getting my first camera, a hot pink 110 film camera, when I was 9 years old. I used to take all kinds of photos, especially of our pets. One of my favorite photographs is one that I took when I was ten or eleven. I remember positioning our family dog in front of my mother's motorbike parked inside the barn. Boy that dog had a lot of patience for a young photographer in training.

I grew up in Truro, but moved to Halifax in the late 90's to further my education. Since then, I have been in the photography industry to for 11 years - starting as a lab technician to working at one of Metro's most popular portrait studios. I didn't realize for that longest time my attraction to photography, yet kept on being drawn to it regardless what job field position I was in.

Having a real passion for photography, I am very lucky to be doing what I adore. The majority of my portrait sessions take place in the client's home, office, or on site, but I am now also offering sessions in my home, Chezzetcook.

When shooting, I use natural lighting, flashes, but also have portable studio lighting gear and backdrops when requested.

Thank you to all who have helped me build my business throughout the years.